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Infants & Crawlers

INFANTS: This 30-minute class is for infants 5 months and older that are not yet crawling.  In this class, we stimulate the infant’s mind and body with sensory input activities, including tactile sense, eye tracking (important for reading readiness), and hand-eye coordination (important for writing ability).  Music and songs are also used in parent bonding activities.

We use tactile sense experiences by engaging infants with soft, firm, and rough toys.  They learn to distinguish the differences between these objects.  Parents use songs to teach body parts, shapes, and names.  Tummy Time develops strong muscles in the head, neck, and shoulders to help increase motor skills.  Reaching and grasping is used to develop hand-eye coordination.

CRAWLERS:  This 30-minute class is for children who are crawling but not yet walking.  We provide parents and their babies with quality time while introducing fun and developmentally stimulating activities.  Locomotor skills are introduced including rolling, hand-eye coordination, eye tracking, and social skills with other children.  Concepts of over, under, in and out are also introduced.  We use movement concepts going into and out of tunnels, log rolling down inclines, swinging (to stimulate vestibular senses), grasping, and other developmentally appropriate activities.

The activities used in these classes are great tools for creating bonding experiences with the parents and social interaction with other children.


Not every child will jump in and try something new right away. We want to respect their needs and provide them the time to ‘take it all in’ and become comfortable in a new environment like our gym. We do not push or require them to participate. We consider ‘observation as a form of participation’ knowing that, in a week or two, these kids often join in and show us that they have been watching and learning even if they were not actively participating. Our 1 Month 100% Money Back Guarantee allows parents to give these kids the time they need risk free, and we encourage them to do so for their kid's benefit.


Our 1 month 100% money back guarantee provides everyone an opportunity to try our program at no risk. If after your first month of paid tuition you are not completely thrilled with our program, we will refund your money. We want to make sure you and your child love the program and instructor! 


“I love that there are different obstacles for the babies.  The obstacles help his development and balance.” – Coraima

“What we’ve liked most about this child development class is the singing and bouncing next to the block.  My child likes rolling over the log the most.  He’s gained more confidence in letting go and walking since starting this class.” – Kelly

“Tami & Codi do a great job of enthusiastically engaging and stimulating the little ones.  With a mix of activities to keep young crawlers and walkers trying new skills and repeating known skills, it is a great class.” – Tara

“I like that the class time for my son Kai is at similar times so they can both take class at the same time.  I think the price is great especially since I have two kids.  So it’s affordable.  I enjoy the beginning and end sing-along songs/bubble time.  My daughter loves the social interactions.” – Crystal

“The individual stations are great especially if a child can’t follow a big group class.  My baby has learned to climb over objects, better balance, and attempts to stand more.” – Quincy

“Loved the mix of structure and free time!  Cici had a blast playing with the other babies and exploring the gym.  Looking forward to coming back and learning more together.  Really enjoyed that the parents are super involved and get focused one-on-one time with our kids!” – Casey

“We have enjoyed the class.  We like that it is a fun and relaxed atmosphere and that children can choose what they want to do.  The coach is kind, attentive, and fun and she creates a great atmosphere for the children.” – Alina

"The Crawlers class offers an excellent opportunity for them to develop into toddlers, surrounded by children of similar age and skill in a safe and encouraging environment." – Karen


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