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Smart Moves Online Teaching System


Bringing Teaching & Technology Together

Lesson planning using appropriate curriculum progressions (teaching step-by-step) is the standard for teaching gymnastics safely, and Fun & Fit Gymnastics not only uses the state of the art in lesson planning systems - we created it!

Smart Moves was first developed in New Zealand to provide swim schools with curriculum and lesson planning tools.  After years of developing their technology they thought it was ready to grow to include other sports and activities.

In 2012 the people at Smart Moves approached Jeff Lulla, Fun & Fit Gymnastics Founder & President, to see if he would be interested in partnering with them and installing his Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program.  Jeff agreed and, after installing the Fun & Fit curriculum content, added another 1,000 games, drills and teaching progressions to make learning safer and more successful for students than ever before.  And, to add value to the system, over 250 sequential lesson plans were installed.  The entire system is customizable so any gymnastics program can customize it to fit their unique needs.

Jeff's work in curriculum development, instructor education and safety on a national level was recognized in 2014 when USA Gymnastics presented Jeff with their prestigious "Educational Services Award".


Both the Fun & Fit Curriculum Poster Reward System and the Smart Moves Online Teaching System work in harmony delivering organized, fun and successful lessons while rewarding students as they accomplish their goals. 

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