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FOR GYMNASTICS PROGRAMS EVERYWHERE; The Fun & Fit Gymnastics and Smart Moves Online Teaching System

Fun & Fit Gymnastics Curriculum Poster Reward System

Licensed to hundreds of gymnastics programs since 1991, the Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program is a complete curriculum system created specifically for recreational gymnastics, designed to help create success quickly and often, set short term and long range goals resulting in building confidence and self-esteem.  The result is greater student retention, instructor training, consistent teaching standards and enhanced safety.

The system utilizes curriculum posters that kids take home and fill with stars as they learn skills in class. Children earn frequent successes, positive feedback and rewards.

The heart of the system is a well designed, progressive teaching curriculum that breaks gymnastics skills down into achievable steps, with each step explained and demonstrated in a video for both instructor training and for students to see as an example. This provides the recreational student with sound basics and frequent success by providing short term and long range goals.

  • Short term - the kids earn stars for their poster when performing a skill 3x in a row correctly. 

  • Long term - they complete a level, ring the bell and receive a photo of their Instructor presenting them with a Certificate of Achievement​ and the next level poster.

Research has shown that frequent success is what keeps youngsters motivated to learn.

There are separate Curriculum Cards for:

Child’s Age

Program Title

Skill Levels

3 – 5

Kids Progressive


6 and up

Girls Progressive


6 and up

Boys Progressive



By outlining safe teaching progressions and dates each skill was mastered by the student, the curriculum cards meet an important record keeping procedure recommended by the USA Gymnastics Safety Course and Handbook.


When a student completes all skills on a curriculum poster the gym celebrates.  The student rings a bell and the Instructor announces "Hey everyone, Cathy passed Level 2" while the entire gym cheers.  At that moment, the child is given a certificate and a photo is taken with the Instructor.

If done enthusiastically, the photo becomes an 'emotional anchor' for the student bringing back feelings of pride and accomplishment each time the child sees it.

There is a place on each level poster for the student to display the photos.


Below is a video about the Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program:  


The Smart Moves Online Gymnastics Teaching System

In 2012 Jeff Lulla, the Founder & President of Fun & Fit Gymnastics, partnered with Smart Moves, a New Zealand based company, to install the Fun & Fit curriculum into their online platform.  Jeff and his team added another 1,000 games, skill progressions and teaching drills (each with demonstration video) as well as 250 sequential lesson plans and launched the Smart Moves Gymnastics Online Teaching System in 2013. 

Click here to learn more:

If you have any questions regarding the above you may contact Jeff Lulla at, Founder & President of Fun & Fit Gymnastics.

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