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Boys Progressive (ages 6-17)

These 1 hour fun and fast moving classes are structured by both age and ability level based on our Nationally recognized Curriculum Poster Reward System. Boys work on Tumbling, Single Bar, Parallel Bars, Rings, Vault, Trampoline, and Tumble Track! A great way to harness that young boy energy and focus on specific developmental skills, children will benefit from not only learning gymnastics, but the movement skills will carry over into every other sport they may try throughout their life.

Class activities include a structured warm-up, training on apparatus, and a fun finish at the end of each class. 


Our 1 month 100% money back guarantee provides everyone an opportunity to try our program at no risk. If after your first month of paid tuition you are not completely thrilled with our program, we will refund your money. We want to make sure you and your child love the program and instructor! 


Prior to enrollment, every student is evaluated to assure placement in the appropriate class, with other students of similar age and abilities. This free 15 minute evaluation will determine which level boys class is appropriate. Then, following their first lesson, the class Instructor will confirm the class is the best one available for your son. This helps to ensure that each class member is experiencing success working at the same skill level and provides a more positive environment for all.

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