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Program Licensing

The Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program is a complete curriculum system, created specifically for recreational gymnastics, designed to help raise enrollment, keep kids enrolled at your gym and increase your profits.

The system utilizes instructor training videos to make learning easy for your staff and help create a standard for teaching that parents and kids experience as professionalism. The curriculum posters that kids take home provide short term and long range goals, which creates frequent successes, positive feedback and rewards.

Since 1991 the Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program has been licensed to hundreds of gyms internationally and can be considered a safety program by insurance companies reducing premiums for many licensees.

We look forward to hearing from you with any questions or comments you have about the Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program.

  • Ninja Fit
  • Tumble Tots Class
  • Transition class
  • Kids Progressive Class
  • Girls Progressive Class
  • Boys Progressive Class
  • Tumbling Class
  • Private Lessons