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Benefits of Early Childhood Gymnastics


Physical Benefits

Coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, fitness, strength and power.  Gymnastics develops a strong foundation for skills needed in all sports.  Because it’s fun to do gymnastics, children develop positive feelings associated with exercise and fitness that can last a lifetime.

Mental Benefits

Focus, concentration, visualization, listening and following directions, goal setting.  For many children gymnastics class is their first experience working with a teacher.  Because it’s fun they chose to participate, resulting in a positive ‘class’ experience.  This creates a successful model for them as they enter school.  And, as they master basic skills, they set goals to learn more advanced skills.

Emotional Benefits

Confidence, stress management, and working through fearful experiences.  Learning how to manage the fear associated with new experiences will enhance a person’s life.  Whether it’s learning a cartwheel or speaking in front of your class at school – associating risk and fear with joy and excitement instead of apprehension and dread will make a lasting difference in anyone’s life.  Because we introduce new skills only when they are achievable (the student is ready to succeed), and because we define success as personal best instead of better than others (our non-competitive philosophy) children quickly become comfortable trying new things expecting to succeed (improved confidence).

Social Benefits

Teamwork, cooperation, working together supporting others.  In a competitive environment children are taught “for me to win, you have to lose”.  Many studies have shown that, while youth sports are popular, most children are forced to experience failure, resulting in kids quitting sports and becoming unfit.  Our “Personal Best” non-competitive philosophy helps every child experience success, resulting in higher self-esteem, greater cooperation (the opposite of competition), friendships and healthy social bonds.

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