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Baby Gym (ages 4 months - 12 months)

The Baby Gym program is a fun, social, developmental and connecting experience for parents and their babies. This 30 minute class provides parents and their babies with quality time while introducing fun and developmentally stimulating activities including;

Sensory Stimulation - vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile senses

Motor Skill Development - rolling, standing, balancing, etc.

Eye Tracking - needed for reading readiness


Hand-Eye Coordination - needed for writing, catching and throwing.

Fun Time with Parents and other babies!



Not every child will jump in and try something new right away. We want to respect their needs and provide them the time to ‘take it all in’ and become comfortable in a new environment like our gym. We do not push or require them to participate. We consider ‘observation as a form of participation’ knowing that, in a week or two, these kids often join in and show us that they have been watching and learning even if they were not actively participating. Our 1 Month 100% Money Back Guarantee allows parents to give these kids the time they need risk free, and we encourage them to do so for their kid's benefit.


Our 1 month 100% money back guarantee provides everyone an opportunity to try our program at no risk. If after your first month of paid tuition you are not completely thrilled with our program, we will refund your money. We want to make sure you and your child love the program and instructor! 



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