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Fun & Fit Gymnastic’s Curriculum Poster Reward System

Our Unique Goal Setting and Success System for Children.
We want ALL students to experience success! This can only be accomplished in a non-competitive environment where success is defined as PERSONAL BEST instead of better than others. And, just as importantly, the challenges asked of the students must be carefully selected to be within their ability to succeed easily and quickly in a step-by-step progressive format. Frequent success earned through effort builds confidence, an expectation of future success. And that builds positive Self-Esteem in your child. The result; Children who are physically and emotionally happy, healthy and well adjusted!

Just as a stop watch is a valuable tool that helps runners track their best performances, we provide students age 3 and older with a similar tool for learning gymnastics – a poster to take home listing the skill progressions they will be learning in class. As they learn these skills, they receive stars to take home and place on their poster. When the poster is filled with stars, and the student completes the curriculum level, we celebrate! We ring the bell, announce the accomplishment, and take a photo of your child with the instructor receiving a certificate of achievement and the next level poster!

Our Fun & Fit Gymnastics Curriculum Poster Reward System has been so successful we have licensed it to hundreds of other gymnastics schools internationally since 1991. It provides a standard for teaching in a safe and progressive manner, and helps organize classes based on ability level as well as age.

The Fun & Fit staff takes great care to make sure your child is enrolled into the most appropriate class with other students of similar age and ability, allowing your child to succeed more easily and safely. This allows our instructors to more consistently deliver a better quality lesson. That is why, at no cost to you, every child is evaluated prior to being enrolled into our classes. For kids 6 and older, this 15 minute one on one evaluation is scheduled prior to their first trial class, so we can better assure the trial lesson is a winner! For children under age 6, the evaluation is done during the first trial lesson. And, if for any reason, your first trial lesson isn’t the best class for your child, there is no charge and another trial lesson is scheduled. We will work together, with you, until we find the class that ultimately yields the best benefit for your child.

We are so confident you will love Fun & Fit that we offer a 1-MONTH RISK FREE GUARANTEE. When enrolling your child into any program you need to look at the value of that investment considering the program quality and safety. It may cost less to learn at the park or on a basketball floor with a few mats set up but, where your child’s safety is concerned, we believe you will agree that quality and safety are worth the investment.

SAFETY: Because safety is important and we don’t want to risk a child falling onto a hard surface anywhere in the gym area, we have invested in the installation of padding – the same padding within our mats – where you can’t even see it, under the carpet throughout the entire activity area. It was expensive, but well worth it.

TRAINING AND CERTIFICATIONS: All of our staff are Red Cross First Aid & CPR certified. Jeff Lulla, the Founder/President of Fun & Fit, is a National Safety Instructor for USA Gymnastics and has trained his own staff, as well as gymnastics instructors internationally, since 1990. Jeff is currently a USA Gymnastics University Instructor for their college of Preschool Education, School Age Recreational Gymnastics, their School of Business for the gymnastics industry, and serves on their Safety Review Board helping write curriculum and safety courses.

EQUIPMENT AND FACILITIES: Our facility is air conditioned, cleaned and sanitized daily, and filled with adjustable, age appropriate equipment to make learning safe, fun and successful including;

50′ spring suspended tumbling floor
Trampoline surrounded by a safety net and soft pads
Tumble-track tumbling trampoline
Tons of mats of various shapes and sizes
5′ deep foam in ground filled pit (a safe and fun learning station)

PHILOSOPHY: It is the nature of competition to produce more losers than winners, and those who need success the most usually don’t get it. “For me to win, you have to lose” is what children are taught at an early age in competitive gyms. Most gym clubs are very competitive, and only the talented few succeed. That is NOT what Fun & Fit is all about!

After years as a competitive gymnast and coach, Jeff Lulla opened his gyms wanting them to be different. He wanted a place where every child could experience success. Simple contest statements like, “Who can be the first to line up?” or “Who can do the best cartwheel” were eliminated. Instead, teachers are trained in the non-competitive philosophy to say, “How fast can you line up?” or “Everyone show me YOUR best cartwheel”. Our non-competitive approach to teaching provides a warm, comfortable and friendly atmosphere for learning. Regardless of what others do, personal best is always recognized as successful! ….THAT is the Fun & Fit way!


Our son, Clay, started at Fun & Fit at 20 months old in the Tumble Tots class. He had been going to Gymboree for awhile, but had started to seem bored with it. One day I heard someone mention Fun & Fit Gymnastics. When I thought of gymnastics, I thought of the Olympics and heavy competition, but I checked out Fun & Fit anyway, just to see what it was like. I learned that it was non-competitive and fun. I signed him up for a free class. Clay seemed to enjoy the class, so we signed up for a whole session and then the next one and the next one and the next one. He is now about to reach his TENTH YEAR at Fun & Fit without missing one session.

He has had many wonderful teachers through the years, who have always looked out for his safety and pushed him to do his personal best – Perry, Mike, Tanya, Ander, Tami and more. Fun & Fit has helped Clay be very aware of what his body is capable of and laid a great foundation for other athletic endeavors, which at this time is baseball.

Jeff has a great facility, staff and maybe, most importantly, philosophy. I would highly recommend Fun & Fit Gymnastics for parents looking for a physical activity that builds confidence, coordination, strength and body awareness.

Thanks Fun & Fit.

Becky Canady (Clay Rickerman’s mom)